The long awaited decision regarding my VP is finally over! I’ve elected to extend an offer to Donald Trump that he simply cannot refuse – to become my VP in the 2016 US elections. With all due respect for Donald Trump, he probably isn’t the best candidate for president, but there could be NO ONE better than him for vice president. We need someone who is willing to get their hands dirty and not just sit on the bench throughout their presidency term, holding the name of VP, and just waiting for something drastic to happen to the president before doing anything productive.

Donald, as he himself has said on multiple occasions, wants to and is willing to make America great again! Well that’s what we’re doing here at Elect Putin 2016, it’s a natural fit. Someone who will be going all over the world, debating and having these tough conversations with other world leaders about trade, drugs, a wall, and real estate! As a president, a person cannot do all that and run a country in house at the same time, you know this. Now I can certainly do the job with or without a VP, but Trump needs this more than America needs a VP. And I’m a gracious guy who just wants to help. Plus, we need someone to represent these United States who isn’t afraid to call things by their names. No political correctness, no holding back, just pure, honest truth as it is!

trump for putin

Yes, some might think that my decision may be biased, since Donald and I are such great friends. But let me tell you something, if your friend was a professional beer pong champion, wouldn’t you take him to a party and have him as your pong partner? I’m being called biased and that is totally ok? I’m sensing a double standard here! Trump for VP! That is what we need, that is what America needs and that is what I got for you America, this dream just got wet.

Here’s a little bit of history on the VP’s that you might actually remember. Cheney and Biden. I know that with most of you who are reading this, you might be thinking to yourself, “Who???”! Yes ladies and gentlemen, those were the last two VP’s and actually, the latter one is your current one. I agree, they’re extremely boring people that nobody even knows about, nobody hears from, and then they suddenly sometimes try to run for president. Do you want another VP like that? I’ll give you a slight hint, NO. You need a great, vocal, getting down and dirty VP who will do all he can, and all he can’t to make America great again. You need Trump, and Trump needs me, kapish?!

And for those of you who want Trump to be president, this is basically a gift, you get two for one! You get the greatest president this country has seen, since of course my great-great-great-uncle George Washington, AND you get Trump as Vice President. Look, if you don’t pay any attention to the “vice” part, he’s practically a president. Any way you look at it, this is a win-win for everyone.
Putin Trump 2016, I’ll see YOU at the White House!

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