Privacy Policy uses advanced tracking tools including Google, Bing & Social platforms to better serve your interests and help us provide the best possible user experience. In order to do this we collect anonymous, non-private surfing behavior that we use to target and advertise across third party vendors and within the appropriate platforms including Google Analyics, Google AdWords, Google Remarketing, Facebook Ad’s, Twitter Ads, Bing Ads. We track anonymous traffic statistics as well as other technical details about our visitors such as location & device data. We also do not store any personal data in our database and are committed to your privacy. Nothing we track using our scripts is personal information. You can always opt out of these tracking features by visiting the appropriate pages to change your settings: Google | Google Remarketing | Twitter | Bing Ads | Facebook

We use a third party vendor (Simplify Commerce) to process purchases on our website that uses complete PIC-Compliant SSL encryption to protect your payment information.