Vladimir Putin Only True 3rd Party Candidate

Dear America, are you once again stuck in the middle of the road soul searching for your choice of president? Do you think that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump simply do not cut it? You are not alone, most Americans in the United States not only avoid voting, but also are not happy with the president even if they voted. If you consider how numbers work, only about 20% of the country actually gets the president they wanted – think about it. I’m here however to tell you that you are not stuck with only two options. Now that the election pool has been cut down, it has become clear who the only, true, and viable option is.


Vladimir Putin has now become the only true “3rd party” candidate in the 2016 US elections, which is amazing news to everyone in the United States. Putin provides a power block and vision that overrides anything Trump or Clinton could do collectively and has the only resume worthy of the most powerful seat. In this 2016 election the time is now to finally break from the 2 party system and write in a worthy candidate – to do the right thing.

The current president of Russia has no problem coming in and fixing things up right away and has claimed that within 5 days in the presidency half of our current issues will be fixed. His party presents a power block that is not bought by special interests and has an approach that is not “business as usual”, one of the biggest reasons most Americans are now disenfranchised with politics. Vladimir Putin has recently been proven to being a natural born citizen and has considered Trump as a running mate, which would create the dream team of US politics.

So do not waste any more time trying to accept between two candidates that you want nothing to do with. We now have the 3rd party candidate America has been waiting for!

Cheers Comrades.

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